Help on Formatted Text
This forum allows you to use formatted text in your messages. Following is a list of how formatted text works:
URLs All URLs will turn into a link automatically (http://, ftp:// and mailto: types)
Images All URLs for images (jpeg or gif), audio, and video will insert the item inline.
Italics *This phrase* turns into italics like This phrase.
Underline _This phrase_ turns into underline like This phrase.
Line Spacing All carriage returns are automatically converted into <BR> tags.
HTML Tags We supports the following standard HTML tags in its formatted text feature:

<UL>*, <OL>*, <LI>, <DD>*, <B>*, <U>*, <I>*, <PRE>*, <EMBED>, <IMG>, <A>*, <BR>, <P>, <CENTER>*, <FONT>*, <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <HR>, <TABLE>*, <TR>*, <TH>*, and <TD>*

* must have closing tag, and tags must be nested correctly