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A page of history ...
by Ed Yaghdjian

YESSSSSSS!!!!! Dear Lamy, unfortunately it seems to be a component of the Egyptian character to want to erase what should realistically be viewed as nothing more nor less than historical fact. A prime example being Thutmoses'' determined efforts to erase all images or trace of Hatshepsut''s reign. I, like innumerable others, abhor and hold in deep contempt, the British Empire for having left the world a legacy that is to this day causing so much strife and suffering in so many places in the world. Nonetheless, The English School has been an intrinsic part of our nation''s history, and The Tudor Rose and the Old English School name have been symbols of that School. For these reasons, I am delighted that they are being reinstated. Yours in fellowship, Ed Y.

posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2002
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