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by Fred Easty

Thanks for the update...I believe I remember Vayanos and a few of the others...Please remember I was not long in Senior School...maybe two years after spending time in Junior School...(remember the "other" side)!!!! I was in Granville house and agree; Beard was a piece of work!!!! Moates hung around a Brit called Royston Heath? Remember him? They were both great gymnasts and had monopoly over the Gym in the afternoons...I just could not believe that a "Yank" like Moates could play Cricket/Soccer etc...what a natural! We left Egypt in August 1956...(You remember the mess I am sure)....Where in San Diego are you? I live in the San Fernando Valley outside Los Angeles....feel free to give me your # and I''ll be happy to call you sometime...My home # is 818-993-5912....Please stay in touch...Later...Fred Easty

posted on Monday, March 11, 2002
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