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What form were you in?
by Bill Cresswell

Hi Freddy

So much of what you have said reminds me of the time I was there!
I was in Frobisher and was in Form IV Boys in 1956.
I recall the awful state of affairs that ensued the Suez fiasco.
My mum was "Assistant" Matron in the Boarding School, her name was Helen Cresswell.
Mr Scott (the Boarding School Master) begged her to let me go with him and staff to the U.K.
That wasn''t to be, and I wound up in Khartoum, the Sudan in the April of the following year. So yes, I returned to the school, for a very brief period of time!
Names that spring to mind are: Mounir Sioufi, Basil Mikiaati, Billy Bond-Taylor, Emmanuel Lycos, Hassan Salah ...
Well, if you remember any of these or others, please let me know.
Cheers for now

Bill (Billy) Cresswell

posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2004
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