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Horan Prize
by Cornelius Alexander Hilpern

Hi Susan
I received a Book Prize for English in third
form in 1947 as "The Horan English Prize" A
frontispiece attached inside the cover stated
that it was "In the Memory of Archdeacon
Charles Trevor Horan First Chairman of The
English School Cairo 1916 - 1922" The ESC was
initially, I understand, set up by The British
Council to educate British children but then
also included all nationalities including
Egyptians. It moved to Heliopolis where a large
School Building was was erected on the then
edge of the suburb. I attended the School from
1940 to 1952 when I migrated to Australia.
I hope that this fills in some missing history.
Regards Neil Hilpern

posted on Monday, June 14, 2021
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