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Queer & proud! Why I am an LGBTQ Coptic activist
by Nagy Attalla Saad

When I was really young I was bullied a lot, it wasnít by people
at school thou. It was by my brothers and sisters. They called
me many names and at first if just brush it off and laugh with
them. But after a while, I started to believe what they would
say to me. I thought I was stupid, ugly, a bad dresser, dirty,
and a few others. When I was about 7 years old, I was raped
by a Coptic priest. Only two people know about it, one is my
youngest big sister and the other is my nephew. When I was
raped I didnít really know what was going on. All I knew was
that it hurt. No one ever found out but once my youngest older
brother saw my rapist making me touch him in his places. My
brother didnít tell anyone, he made fun of me. He called me
gay and fag, I didnít think anything of it because I didnít know
what those words meant. When I was 8 I was put into Coptic
church foster care, most of the homes I was put in were great.
All except one. Now, this home was horrible, not only because
of the people but also because of the school. I was bullied
relentlessly at school. And it wasnít only emotional abuse. The
kids would like to hit me, they said itís because my Mother
Aida is a school administrator. I hated that school.

The home life was another horrible place for me. The mom
barely fed me and the other kids ignored me. The father raped
me. By this time, I knew that rape was bad, I cried and told him
I would tell someone, and he hit me and threatened my life. He
said heíd kill me and I wouldnít see any if my family again. He
raped at least once a weak from then to about another two
months, when my dad got me out of Coptic church foster care.
No one knows about that. I havenít told anyone because I
doubt anyone would care about something that happened so
long ago. Well, when I started living with my dad it was great.
My dad loved me and my stepmom was the sweetest woman
in the world.

posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2021
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