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Not sure what EMC was but at Gezira Prep 1941-44(?)
by Christopher M Robinson

Sorry if I am irrelevant to your message.I was in <br>
a flat near the North entrance to Gezira Sporting <br>
Club from about 1936 to 1943. Father had taught at <br>
Cairo Uni but rejoined British Army 3Sep1939 & was <br>
at GHQ.<br>
Most of my time was idyllic at the Sporting Club <br>
until we moved to Downtown so my Bro could get a <br>
tram to the English School at Heliopolis. I went <br>
to the Gezira Prep School but paid little <br>
One day Mum picked me up at GPS in a taxi <br>
(unusual) & told teacher I would not be in next <br>
day. Went straight to the railway station where <br>
there was a mass of people & went as a refugee in <br>

posted on Saturday, July 22, 2023
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