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Such a wonderful insight !! Any body there from the 80''''s ???
by Soha Farouk Kamal (1971-1984)

Well, I have been extremely delighted to find this window on the history of my old school. ALthough, I lived in the same street all my life and inside the school for 13+ years, a lot of the history and background was unknown to me. Unlike most of the people on this forum, I come from a ''Relatively'' newer generation and apparently we have missed a lot of the authenticity and charm of the old days. We had our moments too let me assure you, but I am very sad to see non of my colleagues on the list. It seems that we are less remarkeble in keeping tabs on our old friends, I just hope that this site could bring some of us together. I graduated in 1984 from Mathimatics Section, I am not sure if any one out there still remembers me !!

I would like to thank all the people who worked to make this site happen, and specially, I would like to Thank Ashraf Kinawi for leading me to it. Although I met Ashraf professionally, ESC was one of the reason we became good friends, the same was with Sayer Al Sayer and Sherief Ragab.

Please contact me if you have any information about our class. I would also Love to meet "Boys and Girls" from ANY other Class and become part of this wonderful society.

Is any body out there who currently lives in the UAE ???

posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000
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