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ESC became DISASTROUS like everything else in Egypt..
by Ahmed Kamal

Hello everybody...

Well, to introduce myself, I m a graduate of the school in 1992... Just after my high school, I got my real chance to receive a decent education I joined the American Univ. in Cairo and then I traveled abroad

I dont know where to start I LEARNT NOTHING at school. Literally NOTHING no language.. no science no manners no articulation. I hated this trashy place (excuse my language) may be the only reason why I was in, was that my parents couldnt afford an international school.

I realized that in underdeveloped countries like ours, you need to have a lot of money to buy your OWN HUMANITY to buy human treatment, human food, human housing and human education may be the school deteriorated (or should I say PLUNGED) because the government restricted its autonomy in raising its tuition fees of course this is not fair for people who dont have money but (sorry for the language again) life is not DAMN FAIR.

Well, it was so funny to read the nostalgic messages of these people who were in the school during the golden era when it was a place for humans have anyone of you tried visiting it now ????!!!!!!!!!!! I m sorry but when I was in it 12 years ago I felt we were being treated like ANIMALS. Starting from the fact that there were no labs no athletic equipment, no decent library, no artistic activities, and guess what ?? NO clean HUMAN REST ROOMS L !!!!!! and I dont want to seem racist or thinking in terms of strata but the level of people was so loooooooooooooow do u think one should have money in this damn country so one would isolate himself from the masses by the way, I used to think I am a socialist at some point of time.

I m now 30 years old I ll think 10000000 times before I get married.. I must afford something like the German School or Cairo American College (in my dreams of course) if I live in Egypt for my kids

Well, I forgot to say that I developed this keen habit of reading and self-enhancement during school, because I always had that feeling that I was learning nothing DAMN NOTHING.

posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2004
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