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English School Memorial Garden
by William (Willy) Penna

I attended the English School from approximately 1932 to June 1942, when I was evacuated with my mother and sister to South Africa (my father was in the British military, and stayed in Egypt during the crisis at that time). I returned to Egypt at the beginning of 1944 and signed on to the RAF. I was last in Egypt in approximately 1947 (still in the RAF), and have not returned since, much as I would like to.

I am very much interested in the Memorial Garden and in particular the Memorial Stone on which I understand are inscribed the names of old boys who have died. Is it possible to have more information on this and is it not possible to post on this website photos of the Memorial Garden and the Memorial Stone with the names visible that are inscribed on it? Or at least a list of the names.

I have not attended any of the school reunions (I was not aware that these took place until fairly recently), and I have lost touch with many of the people I knew at school, some of whom may have been killed in WWII, or died of natural causes since.

I would really love to visit the old school, but for various reasons I am not able to, and photos of the Memorial Garden would really give me a lot of pleasure since it is very unlikely that I will be able to see it in person.


Bill Penna

posted on Sunday, August 08, 2004
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