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A Msg from my daughter to share with you all
by Ashraf El-Kinawi

>My dearest Pa, > > I realized today that I never thanked you enough for all the >things >that you''ve done for us throughout our life, to instill in us the standards >and qualities that we have today. Things that have definately made us >better persons, better students, better employees, and better friends. You >followed a policy of investing in your children endlessly. A policy of >free, unselfish giving, that very very few people understand, or are >capable >of doing. > > Although we rarely show you how much this means to us, I hope that >you know that we understand it all, and appreciate every effort you made to >make us what we are today. > > I hope that time will show you that you made the right decision >years ago, to invest in us, and that one day you will look at your >investment and be content with what they have become. Although no matter >what we can do, we can never do for you even a fraction of what you have >done for us.... > >So for all that I thank you.... >Love, >Baby.... > >P.S. please don''t worry about me, there is nothing wrong. I am just over >sentimental bc of a talk I had with a friend, that made me realize just how >lucky I am to have parents as you and ma...:) >========================================================

posted on Tuesday, May 04, 1999
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