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by Dick Moats

Dear Old Boys and Girls worldwide: I have just returned from an extensive trip that took me to San Diego, California, USA and London, England. While on this trip I had the wonderful occasion to meet face to face with Michael Pohoski and Basil Mikaati and their respective wives in San Diego and with Saad Mohafil and his wife Azza who is an Old Girl in London. The experience was simply incredible. It had been forty-seven years since we last saw each other. The physical changes that have occurred in each of us were dramatic. However, the internal values a direct result of the foundation provided by the School were equally amazing. We of course had talked telephonically to set up the exact time and place of meeting and at the same time exchanged hints on how we were to recognize one another. I tell you all that this was necessary. Forty-seven years is impossible to imagine. The first moment of meeting ranged from a reaction of I see you in that body somehow to is that you? with the reply yes it is. From that moment on the years disappeared as the seconds ticked away and in no time at all the comfort of being in the presents of a true friend took hold. I am trying to talk about friendship that is not categorized. Friendship that is not based on status or opportunity. Friendship that opens all doors of thought and experience. Friendship that loves instinctively and forgives instantly. Total friendship. God, I hope I have not scarred anyone away by such comments. It is the first day of Ramadan , fifty-three minutes to go and I am light headed. Ever since I was torn from the English School in 1956 I have had friends that were golfing friends or squash friends or whatever category you can think of. One always had to be on guard as to what one said or did. The reunion with these particular Old Boys/Girl was completely relaxing and open. One could feel anything and express it and know that you would not be criticized for your emotions no matter what. What a great sense of tolerance. I am thirty even hungry (wonder why) for more Old Boy/Girl reunions. Come on you earth movers out there set up some new formal reunions and let me know about it. Dick

posted on Wednesday, November 06, 2002
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