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Anybody out there....
by Charles Craig

I attended the ESC from 1947-1950 - I had a great friend called Hany Genena, and also in my classes were Loutfy El-Sherbini and Clive Gibson amongst others. Class teachers included Miss Inglis. I remember sandstorms on the football pitch, and getting on the wrong bus so I ended up in Gezira not Heliopolis.

If this rings any bells - please get in touch. I lived by the racecourse in Sharia Sebak, and was about 12 when I went back to the UK in 1951.

My years at ESC were amongst the happiest of my life, but of course, one didn''t realise it at the time. I still remember the curry and rice for lunch, Mr Mansour taking us for PT, and Dr Whiting leaving. I also have a vague recollection that King Faroukh visited the school once, but that might be inaccurate.

posted on Friday, September 06, 2002
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