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One of the OB's "OUT THERE" !
by Mohamed (Mado) Zaki

Charles : I''ll try to to respond to your call for "anybody out there" ? Though I must be a few years older than you (I graduated from the ESC in ''49 at age 17) some of the names you mention ring a bell !
Hany Genena is a doctor (pediatrics I think) with a successful practice in Cairo. Sam Barada ditto. Mr. Mostafa Mansour (lovingly known as "Taffy") passed away in Cairo a couple of months ago. If you email Cyril Conway at "cyril@cjconway37.freeserve.co.uk" I''m sure he''ll give you the latest on Clive Gibson (he''s also likely to scold you for not attending the OB Dinners in London)... and yes, despite the years, I do still have a vivid recollection of Clive''s pretty sister Pamela !

posted on Friday, September 13, 2002
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