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by Dennis Kirkpatrick


I''m very sorry to hear of Haney''s passing, he was a true friend. Like you I just found the Old Boys and Girls website recently and although I''ve not contributed much to it I do enjoy reading the entries from people out of my far, far distant past. In the grand scheme of things I was but a minor player. Jeff Coyle,Dicky Moats and I were like three brothers. I too visited the Gibson''s place, although the pellet shooting was confined to shooting each other. Cowboys and Indians stuff or maybe it was the Brits vs Germans, kind of scary in retrospect. I was only at the English School for a couple of years but knew Haney well. I no longer remember the street names but do remember your house on the corner as we lived just down the street for awhile. In the short time I was there we lived in four different places in Heliopolis. I also spent an entire summer living in Mersa Matruh with an Egyptian family. I have been trying to make contact with Dick for awhile but haven''t had any luck yet.
Again my condolences about Haney.


posted on Saturday, February 07, 2004
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