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Thank you Michael Topsakal
by Amr Afifi

Thank you Michael fo taking the trouble to reply to ESC became disastrous...
Your historical analysis of the 3 eras was well balanced and informative. as a product of the 1956-1961 era, I was ignorant of era 1 and 3.
You have cleared up a lot of misconceptions.
I too went on a nostalgic tour of the ESC shell in 2000 and noted the changes and could understand why they took place. It is simply a case of evolution to meet changing circumstances, as you have so succintly described.
Luckily I came away with many of the benefits of era 1 and 2 and am proud to be a product of the ESC. My fondest memories are of my school days and school mates even if some days were tinged with pain as a result of a minnor misdemeanor leading to a humiliating exhibition outside the prefects room followed by 3 off the best!
A humiliating and violent punishment which was out of all proportion of the misdemeanor, usually a cap not worn when it should have been or the school badge falling off the blazer!
Good to see the website, but I wish it were updated a bit as we would all enjoy it so much more.
Anyone know whether the old dungeons (air raid shelters) still exist?
I had my first fag down there while many of us had lots of other firsts in those dusty underground rooms.
Thanks again for the history. you're the kind of chat I would like to have over for dinner.

posted on Monday, October 18, 2004
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