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Re-Talk tome
by Ram Mikaati

Hi Dick
I keep getting funny E-mails from you.Will you
stop that !!! Ya mughaffal.Joking apart I was
looking at the photo Album on the this web and
spotted you in '51 looking so 'Girlish'or is
it 'pretty'...Had to laugh.Why is it everybody
wants to contact you.I wish I had your
magnetism.So you've left Kuait and you are now
fighting in Iraq.Is that correct? Ya abeet what
do you want to do that for? Seriously though I
hope you and the Family are well. News of Eddie
Brammah.Do you remember him.He is Hospital with a
blood problem and is returning to Spain on the
22nd Nov.Peter Gibson is still fighting fit and
goes mountaineering in France.Clive as you may
have already gathered passed away in Nov 99.Are
you coming over again next year? Best of luck...

posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2004
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