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Hello Amr !!!
by Nania Tchakedjian ( Bache)

Hello Amr,

I am touched by Rashid Tawakol's and your
messages. It's been so very long since I have
lost contact with my very distant past. And I am
ever so happy that Ahmed Farid brought this
English School site to my attention. I know
Kevork Topalian, and I believe he also resides in
Britain, like you...he was, if I am not mistaken,
in my younger sister Rubina's class. I wander who
else you are in contact with? Do you know Marwan
Hammad? He used to tease me a lot at school, and
call me names such as " fatso" and luckily, the
fat is gone...

Thanks for your kind words Amr !

Nania Tchakedjian.

posted on Monday, February 27, 2006
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