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Hey Hisham..!
by Sharifa O. Islam

Hi there! Yes, I think I do remember you.. tall, slim and dark hair? But a photo would help..
Where are you and what are you doing?
I''ve been living in Kuwait for more than 23 years now.. husband Kuwaiti and we have 4 children ranging from 21 years to 9 years. I work in logistics and trade finance.. www.pwclogistics.com and that''s about all I can squeeze in here of the past 26 years that I''ve left school..
Within the past 3 years, and thanks to the internet, I''ve gotten in touch with a great many of the old school gang.. Ismail Shalabi, Hisham Mansour from my dof3ah and a lot of my sisters'' Ola and Nini''s classmates. It''s incredible how small the world has become! I''m looking forward to hearing from you..

posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2001
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