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by Tim Frost ESC 54/56

Hello folks,
Just letting you all know I have made contact with
Joe. We were both boarders in 1955. Joe is only
one hours drive North of Sydney in a lovely
township called Bowral. I will visit him next
time I am up there in a few weeks or so. Our
first meeting in 50 years! Joe was kind enough to
send me a photo of the boarders in 1955. I saw
myself at age 14. Mr. Scott and my old prefect
Moussad who Joe tells me was so unfortunately
kileed in action in the 67 war (what a waste of
such a fine young man!) and my old friends
Dimandopolous, Levy and Fear.

Well done to the kind souls who started and
maintain this forum. More photos please! This is
a real blast and so much fun!

posted on Thursday, August 31, 2006
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