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i am Samer
by Samer

Hi Hesham, i wias with you mostof the way, since
you were in KG, but probably cant remember
knwing you then, i started knwing you in Prep
school, you used to tell me about your elder
brother who was so much older than us, in Pansy,
then we did you know the Do A Dear thing with
Miss Maha Sefein, then we kinda split to
different classes before we usited in Falcon,
fifth grade. I remember your yonger brother
Ibrahim when he used to play around during our
rehersels for Do A Dear. Then he became with my
sister in one class, before he left to Chouifat
school. I am sure you remember me, until
sometime soon i used to pop into you in el shams
club. Well i am a dentist now, i guess by next
yera i will pay a short visit to USA, but i
think it will be somewhere in Philidelphia.
Remember Yosef, that German guy who came to our
school by fifth grade, you guys were friend in
the begining before you got bored of eac other.
Well Yosef is one of my closest friends right
no, he is an aeronatical engineer and is settled
in Hamburg, German for his masters degree.
Good Luck.Samer

posted on Sunday, July 15, 2007
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