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The Whereabouts of ...
by Azza Radwan

I''m posting this message in the hopes of finding <br>
classmates who were to have graduated in 1964. <br>
The folks I''m looking for are Sonia Levy, Babita <br>
Harari, Suzette Labib, Nermine el Shafey, Nicole <br>
Belleli, Xavier Gorra, Mariola Tomascheska, Nadia <br>
Riad, Madiha Saleh, Vesna Bradarich, and Yoland <br>
Hamawi. These are the folks that I can remember <br>
but I bet there are many others.<br>
The class of 1965 met this year in Cairo, Egypt <br>
at the Diplomatic Club. It was an amazing event <br>
with 43 attendees and Mr. Masri as our guest of <br>
honour. And we are planning on making it a yearly <br>
event. If anyone plans on being in Cairo during <br>
the last week of December, contact me. By setting <br>
the date way in advance, we hope to get many of <br>
the classmates encouraged to take the trip.<br>
Please contact me at the above e-mail. <br>
All the best,<br>
Azza Radwan Sedky

posted on Friday, May 02, 2008
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