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by Serge Vartanian

Hello everyone,
My name is Serge Vartanian and I attended the
ESC for only a few years during my infancy. I
began school in either 1958 or 59 when I was
about and left in 1963. I was born in 1954. I
have very few recollections at such a young age
of going to school but am in the process of
searching through some photos my parents would
have taken during these early school years.
Believe it or not I still have my ESC cap!(a
very dark navy colour). In 1963, when I was 9,
we migrated to Sydney Australia. Some of the few
memories I have are things such as being picked
up from home by the school bus, attending the
athletics carnival on the school grounds amidst
large colourfull tents for the parents and
teachers to view, playing soccer for sports,
building dams and canals in the sand of the
school playground, holding hands with a female
student as we were asked to by our teacher
walking in a single file on a school excursion
once through some gardens somewhere! Sounds a
bit silly I know (hahaha) but I was only a very
young man then! Now, 45 years later it was by
chance that I came across this website and I was
extremely fascinated by how many of you during
your more senior years at school have kept in
contact by way of emails and reunions. If anyone
does remember my name I would love to hear from
you. The only trouble is, at this point I do not
have a record of anyone''s name who may have been
in my class/es. I will endeavour to dig up what
I can in the way of photos and send them and
this may hopefully refresh some memories. Yes 45
years is most certainly a very long time but I
still feel a strong connection from the
beginning of my schooling days. I can only hope
someone does remember me. It''s a tall ask but
you never know! Bye for now my fellow mates and
take care - until next time.
P.S. Does anyone live in Australia?
Serge vartanian

posted on Friday, June 20, 2008
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