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by sharon eyram dagadu

hi you all out there, i attended heliopolis <br>
international school, durring around 1978,79,iam <br>
not so sure,i remember the headmaster was called <br>
mr bill costin, and my class teacher was miss <br>
murphy,my best friends were Aliya,AND AMIRA, I <br>
REMEMBER A BOY CALLED Gidion, he was from <br>
denmark,and had green eyes<br>
my class prefect was called serah, and i <br>
remember a kate. iam a black girl and at the <br>
time had three other sisters in the school. if <br>
this rings a bell to anybody please let me knoww <br>
as soon as possible. i left egypt for syria, i <br>
know live in Ghana Africa.

posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2008
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