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Miss WOODLEYS School Heliopolis
by Ahmed Hafez Awad 1949-1958

Hallo , i would like to ask if any one remembers
the Miss WOODLEY´S SCHOOL,which was, if i
remember well, somewhere not far from the
Heliopolis Sporting Club. Does any one remember
the names of the owners who ran the school
,besides WOODLEY,and does anyone have any idea
where thier son is, or his name for that
matter.(HE WOULD BE IN HIS LATE 60´S by now . Last
time i heared something about him was the
Bahamas, some kind of a HOTEL etc. but i have no
further info.If any one could furnish me with any
information please, email me.Thank you

Best regards

posted on Sunday, February 01, 2009
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