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Miss Sanderson
by Raymond Wald

I remember Miss Sanderson very well as I started
school at ESC in 1946 and was under her right up
until she retired. My family moved away from
Cairo in 1954,and today looking at the notices I
see she went on to live to 100! She was very
fair but stricked and we all loved her and
feared her at the same time. I followed a
brother (Edwin)and a sister (Pamella) and
because she knew us all and had no children of
her own, she was very family minded. My poor
younger sister Nancy was remind of our good and
bad examples by her quite a bit. Miss Sanderson
had the respect of children and perants at all
times and she always took the time explain
things that must be done. She was a great
teacher and leader and was much missed when she
left. Miss Savage was a very different person
and the change was quite painful!

posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010
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