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Hello Jackie I am Clive Digby Fowles Grandson, Trevor
by Trevor Fowles

Hello Jackie I am Clive Digby Fowles <br>
grandson. My father was Owen Anthony Fowles <br>
who lived and grew up in Cairo. He met my mother <br>
Margaret Quinton at Victoria College Alexandria <br>
where they both worked until the Suez Canal <br>
crises, after which they were forced to leave <br>
Egypt and subsequently immigrated to Australia. <br>
My mother is still alive and lives on the <br>
Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Regrettably my <br>
father passed away in 2006 from a brain tumour. <br>
I would be very interested in any information <br>
you have on the Fowles family. Kind regards <br>
Trevor Fowles

posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2010
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