London Reunion 2009, Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK
May 2, 2009

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

Our ESC London reunion this year was a great success, with friends coming up to us and telling us so. It appears it was one of the best, perhaps because many had made an effort to come over from Egypt, Europe and USA to join us who now live in UK.

The atmosphere in the elegant room was one of delightful reunions with old friends and the noise was like that of a school playground! I hope you will be able to view the photos and recognise some of your contemporaries, no matter how much we have changed.

We continued the get together by arranging an early dinner at a Lebanese restarant where we had a room to ourselves for 20 people and the food was plentiful and the group had a pleasant and enjoyable end to the day. Long may we continue to meet each other and remember the memorable years we spent at our school.

The following OG/OB's attended:

Mohammed and Hassan Gemei
Mohammed Hamdy
Mohammed Zaki
Margaret Tullock
D. Capaitzis
Elizabeth Georgian
Nourah Carruth
Brian Shipman
Alfred Aquilina
Charlie Aquilina
Samir Tewfik
Hilary Hart
Ann Burrell
Pamela Flower Palmer
Vicky Wassef
Eileen Mills

Sani El Darwish
George Kardouche
Shahira El Sawy
Christina Ensign
Richard and Najiba Moats
Peter Gibson
Ellis and Gill Douek
Hermione Earle
Nadia Hamdy
Aziza Fahim
Jane Grant (93 yrs old)
Betty Gatitua
Lilian Platts
Pat and Ricky Berrington
Nabia Sarofim

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